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Due to many requests from the private sector, we have decided to create a product series under the name Novusan for domestic self-application.
We offer you an organic injection material against rising damp and transverse dampness in masonry.
Take a look at the application and see for yourself how easy it is to dry out damp walls sustainably with our product in your own work.


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Novusan Calculator

Lenght of wall (m):

Wall strength (cm):


Consumption figures are approximate.
Deviations may occur depending on the wall material.


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NOVUSAN belongs to the so-called hydrophobic (water-repellent) barrier systems, is not water-soluble and spreads even in completely soaked walls. It impregnates the masonry in a water-repellent way without coating or clogging the pores.
How can you help yourself if your basement is damp? In this video we explain the four steps to a dry wall with NOVUSAN.


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1. Step

Draw the height of the first row of holes on the wall and make marks at 12.5 cm intervals for the individual holes. Usually approx. 10-15 cm above the floor. Start at a distance of 5 cm at the corner of the wall.

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2. Step

The holes are drilled downwards into the wall with a drill core diameter of 14mm at an angle of 30-50°, depending on the wall thickness. If possible, the drilling should start in the stone and not in the joint, whereby the holes should penetrate at least one bearing joint. The holes should end in the middle or in the outer third of the wall cross-section and be placed about 15 cm above the floor.

3. Step

Use a hoover to remove the drill dust from the drill holes. This speeds up the absorption of NOVUSAN into the masonry.

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4. Step

Now take a bottle of NOVUSAN, fill it with the calculated amount per borehole and screw the spout onto the bottle. Now insert the bottle into the drill hole. The bottle will slowly empty into the masonry. This process can take up to 14 days, depending on the masonry. Afterwards, you can remove the bottles from the boreholes and seal the boreholes with mortar.

Waterproofing buildings. Innovative & sustainable – NOVUSAN

This is how Novusan works!

In this video you can see how our product can help with rising damp in masonry. The injection material is distributed via capillary action after filling the drill channel. This is possible even if the masonry is completely damp. After an application and distribution time of 3-4 weeks, the drying phase begins, as the capillary water transport is prevented by our product. After evaporation of the carrier material contained in the product, a long-lasting polymer remains which permanently prevents capillary water transport, but still ensures the diffusion openness of the building material.


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Customer reviews

2021 06 22 12 44 43 Aktuelles BKM.Mannesmann AG e1624565685636

I deliberately waited longer to write the review because I wanted to observe the success in the longer term first. Today I can say that the product has absolutely fulfilled my expectations and the dampness in the wall has decreased considerably. The application was relatively simple and can be carried out by a reasonably skilled do-it-yourselfer.

Wolfgang K.
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I have used the Novusan system in the hallway. Unfortunately, we always had to deal with rising damp from the foundation, as this area does not have a basement. The liquid ran into the masonry relatively quickly in my case and spread very well. The drying phase is currently still underway, so only 4 out of 5 stars for now. However, I can already give Novusan 5 stars for support. I had a question about the fluidity of the liquid and it was answered very quickly and professionally. Really a top customer service. When the liquid has dried in the wall and the effect is complete, I will gladly give it the full 5 stars!

Amazon Client


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I came across Novusan by chance. Since I am not convinced by the products offered in the trade in terms of easy processing and material quality. With Novusan I have found a product that meets my expectations. I have a fencing spot on the wall of the stairs to the cellar. I treated the wall with Novusan in a short time and the content of the bottle was enough. I was able to paint over the spot the very next day. The application was easy thanks to the instructions provided.

Jan B.

Very fast delivery and I am satisfied with the product so far. Everything explains itself. I drilled the holes at an angle as deep as the length of the inlet nozzles. Open the bottles, remove the plastic cap and the protective cap, put the spout on top and put it in the wall. The bottles have a mark that I have observed many times. As soon as the wall has absorbed enough, you can drill a new hole and use the bottle there again. In our cellar it is only a precautionary measure in the corner. Of course you don’t see any direct effect but I can imagine that it works. I also took advantage of the telephone advice and it was very helpful.