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The reason

Cracks cannot be completely avoided in most common construction materials.  They always occur when the existing strengths, primarily the tensile strength of the material, can no longer withstand the stresses caused by internal forces, chemical reactions or externally applied loads as well as thermal and mechanical stresses. Crack injection with BKM SEF 2K is perfectly suited for the repair of cracks in wall or concrete.

The crack is widened on the surface to make it more visible. Then drill holes are made at an angle of 45° to the course of the crack, crossing the crack in the middle of the part. Injection gaskets are then placed. With an initial pressure of about 20 bar, the material is now injected into the wall until a noticeable counter-pressure occurs and material appears on the surface of the component.

The Solution

BKM SEF 2K is a two-component, water-reactive crack injection. Within seconds, it reacts with the water present and forms a solid resin that has excellent penetration to reach even the smallest cracks. BKM SEF 2K is based on polyurethane (PU). This crack injection adheres very well to damp and dry substrates. The adhesion of the surface is very important for sealing against high water pressure. Moreover, polyurethanes do not promote corrosion, which is an indispensable property when repairing cracks in reinforced concrete.