Horizontal barrier against rising damp


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The reason

A horizontal barrier prevents the penetration of moisture from the ground. Otherwise, water will penetrate a building component unhindered and be transported upwards by the capillary effect against the force of gravity. Basement walls, in particular, cannot get rid of the moisture thus absorbed and remain permanently damp. In old buildings, the seals are often no longer functional due to age, or they are completely missing. The walls often lie against the permanently damp ground without any protection. But even in new buildings, the waterproofing is often defective, so that it is absolutely necessary to make improvements to permanently prevent rising damp. Damp wall work loses its important heat-insulating properties and, in the worst case, can lead to mould growth and damage to the structure of the building and the furniture.

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Hydrophobic horizontal barrier

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The solution

Om natte muren ten gevolge van opstijgend vocht te voorkomen, is een goed werkende horizontale barrière, ook wel dwarsafdichting genoemd, onontbeerlijk. Met het BKM.MANNESMANN systeem kan zo’n horizontale barrière achteraf in het muurwerk worden ingebouwd. Door middel van een injectieproces van binnenuit, zonder de noodzaak van kostbare graafwerkzaamheden. De horizontale barrières van BKM.MANNESMANN hebben een extreem lange levensduur in vergelijking met andere methoden op de markt en vormen een veilige en permanente barrièrelaag in het muurwerk. Een latere horizontale barrière kan worden aangebracht in elk soort muurwerk waarin capillair vochttransport plaatsvindt.

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For years, injection via boreholes has been proving its worth as a retrospective barrier against moisture in a building component. BKM.MANNESMANN specialises in the production and processing of organic products that are inserted in this way and form a reliable barrier against rising damp or transverse moisture penetration in mineral walling. A polymer dissolved in high-purity paraffin oil creates a water-repellent layer in the pores of the building material.

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The material is injected into the component by means of low pressure injection. For this purpose, holes are drilled at an angle of approximately 45°. Depending on the state of the wall and the chosen product, the holes are drilled in the wall at intervals of 12.5 to 25 cm. A subsequent horizontal barrier is applied in the lower part of the wall, but can also be placed above ground level, e.g. in a skirting board, to protect the ground floor against the migration of rising damp.

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How it works

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The paraffin oil ensures the distribution of the material to the finest cracks and pores. After injection into the wall it gradually evaporates completely. At the end of the reaction time of approx. 3 weeks, there is a permanent water-repellent polymer film on the pore walls of the wall work, comparable to a varnish. The material is not water soluble and spreads in water saturated wall work. Due to its nature and properties, it does not mix with the pore water present in the pores of the wall. Due to the lower surface tension, the capillary pressure that is created expels the excess water from the capillaries.

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BKM injection products are manufactured under the strictest quality conditions and are constantly tested for consistent quality and product excellence. For this purpose, BKM.MANNESMANN AG has defined its own product standards that are valid throughout Europe and guarantees their conformity with the name BKM.MANNESMANN. This means that every customer can be sure that he always receives and uses only the best quality. Certifications from independent material testing laboratories are an important part of quality management at BKM and are available from various institutes.

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