Masonry consolidation

Mauerwerksverfestigung geben alten Mauern halt


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The natural ageing process of a building can lead to a loosening of the wall work and thus significantly reduce its load bearing capacity. BKM.Mannesmann, as a manufacturer of wall work consolidation, uses a two-component, phthalate-free synthetic resin that can be injected to consolidate wall work and concrete.

Wall reinforcement is the subsequent introduction of injection materials, directly into the joints, cracks or cavities of the wall work, that contribute to the structural improvement.

On the one hand, cavities and cracks are filled and, on the other, bonding of the bricks occurs thanks to the penetration of the porous jointing mortar with the synthetic resin. Not only are the cavities of the bricks themselves filled (cavity filling), but above all the outdated mortar between the bricks is replaced. The result is a high-quality masonry reinforcement that provides sufficient stability for the existing structure. When reacting with water, the masonry consolidation has a limited volume increase and its low viscosity allows for deep penetration into the finest structures of the building. Please contact us for a non-binding discussion on this subject at your premises.