Ventilation systems

BKM TLS 100 Lüftungssystem
Thanks to its discreet shape, ventilation systems can be integrated inconspicuously into any living area.

Damage by high humidity

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The cause

Buildings without ventilation systems often do not allow sufficient air exchange due to structural conditions. Missing or too small windows and inadequate ventilation behaviour are the main causes of moisture damage to indoor air. The water bound in the room air can precipitate on cool wall surfaces as condensate and thus damage the building element. If air with a very high moisture content is not removed regularly, this problem is likely to occur. Many cellars and living areas do not have sufficient ventilation. Lack of time on the part of the occupants also often leads to a lack of regular air exchange. In normal living quarters, moisture accumulates and can only be absorbed and released to a limited extent by the building materials used there.

Ohne Lüftungssysteme kann es zu Schimmelbildung im Wohnraum kommen.

More and more bathrooms are being installed in new buildings. For windowless rooms, especially humid rooms, a reliable discharge of humid room air is essential. If this does not happen, moisture damage, which in the worst case is accompanied by mould growth, is the likely result.

The consequences

Intelligent ventilation systems

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The solution

BKM MANNESMANN ventilatiesystemen werken volledig onafhankelijk en kunnen voldoende luchtverversing garanderen. Het systeem brengt de temperatuur en de vochtigheid binnen en buiten voortdurend in evenwicht en ventileert of ontlucht de ruimte alleen wanneer de juiste omstandigheden aanwezig zijn. Het systeem zou bijvoorbeeld geen lucht van buiten aanvoeren als daarin meer water gebonden is dan in de binnenlucht. Vooral in tot woonruimte omgebouwde kelders is een effectieve luchtverversing soms gecompliceerd en kan worden ondersteund door BKM MANNESMANN ventilatiesystemen.

Intelligente Lüftungssysteme in einer Halle.